It's easy.

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First, we deliver a storage container in your driveway or right to your curb. You can store your possessions so they are safe at our storage facility, or we can ship the container to your next destination.  ​You know where your stuff is when you need it.

We make it easy. No need for renting or driving a truck.We come to you when you need us.

This is how EazyPak Works:

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Take your time filling up your container. You can be on your own schedule, so moving or storing your things won't be stressful.  

No need to worry about your things, they are safe and secure at our storage facility.   When you are ready for your stuff to be returned, just give us a call. We will bring them right back to you.

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Parking is not a problem, we can get your container to fit in your driveway, we don't need extra space. We can also put it on the street, or wherever works for you!

No matter the space you have, EazyPak can help you with your moving and storage solutions.  We have all the space you need. It’s easy. Get a quote to get started. Let us know your needs and we will get things moving. 

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