As a Franchise these are the services you can offer. You do not have to offer all of them. 

  1. You can offer self storage at a facility using our EazyPak mini containers in both inside and outside access. You will need to have security and camera surveillance. We do not stipulate the sizes. You may rent commercial premises and have room for the containers in your warehouse or in your carpark. Perhaps you have acreage where you can have some mini containers on your property if your local government permits.   

  2. You can deliver the EazyPak mini container for self packing to your clients home or office. Once the client has packed it then it can be sent to your premises for storage, or trucked to another EazyPak premises interstate, or to the nearest EasyPak premises of your clients choice for storage. You can also deliver it to the clients new premises directly. 

  3. You can also deliver an EazyPak mini container to premises for construction sites where it can be used for storing tools or appliances or such items that will be used on the construction site. You can also deliver for an EazyPak mini office container to be used as an office at the contruction site. EazyPak mini containers also can be used for renovating your clients home. You can deliver the container to their home and they can fill it with furniture and personal belongins. We can leave the container there for long periods of time. The builder can also use the container to store his tools and equipment if required. 

Cargo Utility Trailer With Container Ins

EazyPak Franchise Info

EazyPak is an Australian company and we operate our factory in Qingdao, China. For years we have been selling mini containers to the USA for storage companies. So we thought why not bring them to Australia and start our own storage Franchise business. It is a very unique idea with so many options to make money.

We have done a similar Business as we also manufacturer a lot of livestock equipment and send containers to Farm Stores in Australia. We then decided to set it up as a dealership so now we have some stores who sell exclusively our gear and a lot of dealers who sell the equipment from their farms. Its called Brazzen Rural Equipment and we would be number 3 in our Industry and have only been selling dealerships in 3 years. You can go to 

The success of Dealers/Distributors in strategic areas selling off their property with very low overheads is why we started EazyPak. We are very excited about this opportunity for us and for our Franchise Owners and we hope you can see the great opportunity to join the EazyPak Franchise. 


EazyPak is just in its infancy, but while in its infancy it creates more opportunity. Each franchise will need to buy a Trailer and they will also need to buy a Full 40 foot container of the flat pack storage containers. We can fit 10 of them in the 40 foot container. You will also need a fork lift. There also is a $20,000 franchise fee.


The great thing about joining EazyPak is we help you set out all your advertising and advise how to get the work.

You can do this Franchise while still working your current business. If you have some spare room in a warehouse you own, it is convenient to run the Franchise inside the extra space in your storage facility.  If this is the case,  you would only need to buy the mini containers to put in your warehouse.  


If you have some land you might be interested in the onsite, outside storage system. For the outdoor storage you will need to buy mini containers and a forklift to move them.  Surveillance and a gated area is important. 


Another option is to rent a warehouse and some land to offer both indoor and outdoor storage.


If you are interested in only the removal part of the Franchise, you still need premises to store the containers. A forklift is a must have for removal services. 


Long term container renting is available offsite to building sites etc. Those can operate from an ungated premises, such as your garage or large area of land.  You would buy the containers to rent to other businesses or individuals.  ​

Being an EazyPak Franchise Owner we would need to have some sort of Agreement in place. You would be able to choose an EazyPak Name (example: EazyPak Windsor) and then you can register. You would be able to buy the EazyPak mini containers and store them at your facility, and get them to clients when they need them.  

We will be there along the way to help you succeed. Below is an outline with some of the agreement terms to save you reading a long agreement but if you decide EazyPak is for you we can send you the full draft. 

It is important to be seen in your local area and it's great to list ads in your local paper. 


We will be happy to advise on the size of the area you will need to take. You will be surprised with how many people are needing portable storage, whether for moving, storage or keeping their tools safe at building sites.  There are many ways to use EazyPak mini containers and we want to help you succeed.  We will be here to help you along the way.  

The mini containers are flat packed so when they are not being used they can be pulled down and put away to make room for space.

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Mini Container Assembly

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