Keep Equipment Secure

EazyPak containers make the perfect storage solution for construction sites.

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We deliver the container to your site and you can keep your equipment organized, accessible, and most of all, secure. With EazyPak, you won't have to worry about the safety of your equipment. Don't forget we take care of drop-off and pick-up.


Construction projects can last from days to years—each job being different. You need a structure that can protect your equipment from long-term outdoor exposure. Because construction tools and equipment are heavy, you also need something durable to store them in. EazyPak containers can handle the weight. Durability is beneficial and necessary for your projects.

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Being able to keep your equipment directly on-site where you need to access it, makes working easier. No need to take your work home with you, keep it on-site for your next work day.



Because you are moving to numerous construction projects, EazyPak is portable, making it convenient to relocate your container full of equipment to different sites.  After locking up your container, you can rest assured that your equipment will be safe when you aren't there.     

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