You Pak.  We Deliver.

We have many options to make storage and moving EASY!​

At EazyPak, we bring the container to you.  After you pack it up, let us know when you want us to come get it.  We can store it for you, or ship it to your next destination. At EazyPak we also have Self Storage at our Premises and Long Term Storage container hire which can be delivered to you.  

1.     We have self storage at our facility using our EazyPak mini containers in both inside and outside access all with full security.

2.     We can deliver the EazyPak mini containers for self packing to your premises at home or office. Then it can be sent to our premises for storage, or trucked to another EazyPak premises interstate, or to the nearest EasyPak premises of your choice for storage. We can also deliver it to the clients new premises directly. 

3.     We can also deliver an EazyPak mini container to premises for construction sites where it can be used for storing tools or appliances or such items that will be used on the construction site. You can all ask for an EazyPak Mini Office container. EazyPak mini containers also can be used for renovating your home. We can deliver the Container to your home and you can fill it with your furniture and we can leave the container there for long periods of time. The builder can also use the container to store his tools and equipment if required. 

We can help you with your moving and storage needs.

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  • We create custom solutions to fit your budget and schedule

  • Safe and secure during transport

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  • Secure storage centers for your belongings

  • Safe, locked gates 

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  • Weatherproof and secure metal storage containers that stay at your location

  • Portable delivery system allows the container to come to you